Ombar – the best Paleo chocolate?

Ombar – the best Paleo chocolate?

Whilst I was browsing in Whole Foods I thought I’d see what sort of chocolate they had on offer. After lots of packet reading I stumbled upon Ombar, chocolate which promised to be a superfood. Surely not?!

ombar paleo chocolate


As good as its word it was good – and on closer inspection of the Ombar website the bar is all organic and sweetened with coconut sugar. It was really rather tasty, and I’m sure it won’t be my last purchase. In fact I’ve already eyed up this recipe for paleo chocolate chip cookies which looks amazing and the perfect way to enjoy Ombar!

The only stumbling block is the price – at £1.99 for 38 grams it can’t be described as cheap. At the time of writing the price for a kilo of fillet steak in England is £31.77. The price for a kilo of Ombar is £52.37! Despite this, I think it will find itself on my list of go-to Paleo treats.

Stats for a 38g bar: Calories 194, Protein 1.9g, Carbs 12.9g, Fat 16.4g

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